Thanks so much I'm sure we will be working together again at some point. I really would never have taken the risk of moving\renting without someone I honestly trusted it was the main reason I never did this before. Even with the market the way it is for a normal working guy supporting his family their was a big risk in buying a new house and renting our old house. An empty rental on a single income trying to cover 2 mortgages could have sunk me financially. And you were able to come through twice on that very quickly.

Thanks so much for your help and thanks for helping me greatly improve my families life. We simply adore the new house and I pretty much knew the kind of house I was going to go for and this one was well beyond my expectations. And thank you for making my mother's passing a lot easier to deal with, we very well could have been still dealing with trying to do something with her house at this point.


Mark Davenport